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Welcome to S & J Technical and Commercial Affairs Co., Ltd., a leading professional technical services corporation committed to client satisfaction in China. Our provision of value-added services fundamental ensures complete and cost effective execution of clients¡¯ projects (CCC, NAL, SRRC, MEPS, JIS, JAS, PSE certification and, PSC, etc.).

Virtually, more than hundreds of companies, as well as leading international corporations, benefit from S & J¡¯s high quality service to obtain global certifications since 1995.
Clients rely on S & J:

  1. High quality specialist services, ensuring manufactures achieve their global certification
  2. Benefits from S & J¡¯s expertise for their product approval through the value added approach of ongoing structure rectification, test analysis and document preparation by experts
  3. To better understand the international standards & regulations for their products
  4. Consistent timely and cost-effective services provided by well qualified multi-lingual technical specialists

S & J¡¯s specialist knowledge can also help overseas clients to set up their representative office in China.

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